Bharati College
(University Of Delhi)

Bharati college has won the consolation prize in ANTARDHAVANI 2014.
Principal's Message:
Education is the most powerful weapon in the world and can change not only individuals but society as a whole. Towards this end Bharati College endeavours to provide its students a

Dr. Promodini Varma
holistic education – attempting to impart not only knowledge but also the ability to use it and the power to distinguish between what is good and what is not, between what is right and what is not. It develops in them a passion for learning so that they do not cease to grow. It teaches them to engage with the world around them constructively; to dream but to also keep their feet planted firmly on the ground. Most of all it tries to create in them a sense of sympathy, inclusiveness and generosity and the awareness that they are privileged to be a part of one of the best colleges in the university and one of the best universities in the country and therefore must give back to society in equal measure.We prepare our students not only for a career but for life, teaching them to appreciate both sides of an argument; to live with and accept people of all hues and persuasions; to enjoy life to the fullest and yet be reasonable and responsible. We welcome you to explore and find out for yourself what we are all about.