Principal’s Message:

College is place where a young child enters from a totally protected environment to a vast open arena just like a fish of a pond who suddenly enters an ocean. But unlike a fish who has to make room for herself to fend for her life, for our children, it’s the responsibility of a good institute to provide proper opportunity, guidance and infrastructure to these young minds to impart them quality education and to develop their skills. In Bharati college this has been taken care of very well. Besides excellent teachers, we provide for holistic development of these young minds through various allied activities such as sports, NCC, NSS and various societies likedownload (56)

Drama, Dance, Debate, Music etc. A student has ample scope to enhance her inherent potential. Bharati college imparts Education to those students who come from a mix section of the society. There are students who are fully exposed to the modern technical world and enjoy all comforts of life but there are also the students who have no access to such resources and financially also they are not very sound. That is why the main motto of Bharati College is to make every student feel at par with each other.

The teachers and staff are readily available to students to solve their problems and guide them. We believe and assure that our students are well looked after and are in very safe and competent hands.

Dr. Sandhya Jain